Northside Magic

At The Trickery Chicago

By Debra Flanagan, Macaroni Kid Chicago Northside July 13, 2021

If you are looking for something different to do with your teens, with friends, or as a date night, how about a little magic to change things up.  The Trickery of Chicago is a one-man, close-up magic show in Boystown.  

We have passed by its storefront a hundred times and have been very curious, as there is always a full house of people surrounding velvet curtains, and stage lights, having an obvious good time.

Shows are recommended for ages 12+, but I decided to take my "highly exposed" 11 year old.  There is definitely some sexual innuendo, but for the most part it went over my son's head, or he had heard it before (he is a huge fan of The Office, Parks & Rec, etc.)  12+ is probably a pretty fair recommendation.  For the older teens, this would be a perfect night out on their own.

The intimate theater is BYOB, but they do sell light concessions, (candy/soft drinks), and the show lasts about an hour.

We thoroughly enjoyed it.  The magician, Aaron, first performs tricks you think you can figure out, but then takes it a step further and blows your mind with "miracles".  I'm still scratching my head days later.  

There are a lot of opportunities for audience participation.  My son got pulled into a trick, which was probably the highlight of the show for him.  Aaron is also very quick-witted and had us all laughing throughout the show.

On the way out, stop by the concession stand to purchase a small magic trick to bring home.  I picked up a $4 deck of trick cards, (Aaron gave us a quick demonstration of how they work), and my son has been entertaining himself and our family with his new skills for hours! 

Check out their shows:

Thursdays: 8pm

Fridays: 8pm & 10pm

Saturdays: 6pm / 8pm / 10pm

Sundays: 6pm