STEM Activities in Chicago

By Amir Farooq, Junior Reporter July 31, 2021

Looking for educational STEM activities to do throughout the summer, don't worry! Here are the best educational, and fun, things to do this summer. 

Museum of Science and Industry

Visit the Museum of Science and Industry! It has so many different exhibits and activities to exercise your brain and have a good time! They also just added a brand new Marvel exhibit! So go get your tickets now and have fun!

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Adler Planetarium

Go check out the Adler Planetarium to explore the universe, science, and astrology. With so many different interesting exhibits, explore the stars and the universe and enjoy! They even have online exhibits! So go check out their website and learn about the universe!

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Shedd Aquarium

Go visit the Shedd Aquarium now! With so many different animals varying from penguins to sharks, learn so much about wildlife in the water. You can even participate in a virtual shark feeding tour and there is also a summer camp! Go get your tickets now and explore the ocean.

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Argonne National Laboratory

If you're interested in national security, energy, and biology, go to the Argonne National Laboratory. You can even go on a public tour of all of the facilities! Located at 9700 S Cass Ave, Lemont, IL, it’s just a quick drive away to learn so many new things. 

International Museum of Surgical Science

If your interest is surgery and studying the human body, go check out this museum of Surgical Science. It is a very unique museum with so much to offer. It displays all types of medical equipment plus has so many different exhibits. You can even see parts of the human body or a whole human body on display! So go check it out at 1524 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL and enjoy your time!

Halim Time and Glass Museum

The Halim Time and Glass Museum, located in Evanston, is technically not a STEM museum, but the stained glass and clocks are a unique engineering product. There is a wide range of clocks from around the world and a variety of stain glass products. It’s open from Tuesday to Sunday, so go and check out an interesting kind of museum and learn! 

Skokie Public Library

The Skokie Public Library is a great place to go to read, relax, and even participate in free classes. The Skokie Public Library has a free studio with lots of equipment for art, technology, and more. They will even 3D print your designs! They also have online tutorials for things like software, business, technology, apps, marketing, and more! 

STEM Camps/Classes

If you enjoy STEM or you want your child to be exposed to more STEM activities, check out some of the many camps and classes occurring throughout the summer and during the school year. My personal favorite is the KIDScienceLabs (I am a teaching assistant at one of them) because they offer a multitude of different STEM related activities ranging from all aspects of STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Check out the different camps around town and enroll your kids now!

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Overall, there are a lot of STEM things to do in Chicago, so go visit one or two of them and make this summer an educational one!