Move Your Feet Sports Tennis & Golf Camps

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MYFS has fine tuned a very specific teaching model.  We pride ourselves on the very strong progress we make with the players sports skills.  Our method is simple in design and very expertly implemented.  Repetition of the skills and drills in the two sports is the key to the progress.  We cover very manageable coaching points and we repeat them through the drills and games that the players love to play.  Some players are in the earliest stage of learning the sports and others bring some experience.  All players will benefit from our coaching format because of the frequency and repetition of the drills and games and from the high caliber coaching.


Move Your Feet Sports has developed and fine tuned our coaching program to offer the players the maximum learning environment.  The players learn through the drills and exercises we run.  These drills are carefully selected to provide the best skill development while at the same time providing the players with a very enjoyable experience.  What separates us from other sports camps is the energy our coaches bring to the program.  This is a fundamental factor of our success.

Our Tennis Camp runs between 1pm and 4pm.  Using ball machines,  great games  and exercises, the players will have a wonderful time while improving their tennis skills.  We welcome players of all levels and we will group players according to their skill level. 


The Golf Program has been a huge success in our camps.  Using the Diversey Driving Range, we are able to utilize our proven coaching principles to develop the players swing technique and knowledge of the game.  In essence, the players hit a lot of golf balls during each session.  Through simple coaching guidance followed by significant repetition the players soon grasp the swing shape.  This early success has consistently resulted in growth in their interest or passion for golf.

The golf camp runs from 9am to 12pm each morning.  The players are grouped by age and skill level and begin each day with a warm-up technique that they learn and repeat.  We use the driving range for technique coaching, the putting greens for putting coaching, and the mini golf (very popular) to learn the scoring, etiquette and do's and don'ts of playing golf.

 Times:                                                                       Pricing:  

  • Golf Camp:   9am - 12pm, (drop off at 8.30am).                      Golf Only, $370.
  • Tennis Camp:   1pm - 4pm.                                                      Tennis only, $370.                                        
  • Full Day of Tennis & Golf.                                                         Golf & Tennis, $670.

 A 10% Discount is offered for Multi-week/Sibling registration. 

Early drop-off and later pick-up can be arranged.

*Covid Precautions: Players must arrive and leave the facility with masks. We will be directing the program with all the appropriate social distancing requirements. Only one person will enter the restrooms at a time. We will wash hands regularly during the day. Players will get the equipment they need for the day and will not exchange these with other players. All equipment will be cleaned with a germicide daily.