i9 Sports Summer Camp

Different Chicago LocationsChicago, IL 60613
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i9 Sports offers full-day, multi-sport camps as well as half day sport-specific camps for kids. Summer Camps are coed and designed for all ability levels. Camps are offered at various times and locations on the northside of Chicago.

Our highly organized program promotes skill development, leadership, hustle, self-confidence, and most of all fun! Our ultimate goal is to make your kids happy and confident! Your kids will have a blast and be taught and supervised by our professional and experienced sport instructors who have a common vision to help kids succeed in life through sports.

The Camp Director is a previous NCAA coach and has led summer camps of all types in the past. He knows how to create a great environment to learn, teach, and enjoy sports!

Business Review

Keeps my child very engaged, coaches are great! This keeps my 11yr old from playing video games all day! -Maria V  

We have had such a wonderful experience with i9 for our daughter!  She started with Basketball and now is taking part in Soccer, and her enthusiasm for both sports has increased exponentially since she started with i9.  We've been consistently impressed with the excellent and explicit communication, as well as the flexibility the programs have shown with COVID restrictions and updates. They have managed to keep everything safe for kids and adults, while still having fun and learning.  The coaches have all been awesome, and we will continue to send our kids to i9 for as long as we can! - Daphne P  

Love this program! They focus on encouraging the individual player based on his or her skills, then make time and effort to also highlight team values. - Claire M  

i9 sports have helped my son to be more confident. They are super flexible and the kids really enjoy the games.  At the beginning, my son was feeling shy and the coaches took the time to cheer him up and let him know that everything was cool. - Adi V