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und Willkommen to our Preschool and Kindergarten Program!  

Our PRESCHOOL program is a play- and project-based program where students have time for free play with their classfriends along with structured projects that incorporate different themes of the seasons, cultural events, the environment, kids' interests, and more. Each project lasts about 4-6 weeks and is driven by the children's curiosity and ideas which will be incorporated in the learning process. All projects will cover science, reading, mathematical concepts, music, art, and crafts, and will be taught in German only. 

Our KINDERGARTEN program is a full-day dual-language program where learning is project based and driven by the children's curiosity. Students will deepen their understanding of the world in Social Studies, Science, PE, arts, language, and math, as laid out by the Illinois State Standards. Most of the learning is embedded in German immersion, but we also incorporate English Language Arts, and Math in English following Illinois State Standards. 

This will help our students to successfully transition to an American first grade program. Some mathematical concepts, such as comparing shapes, and object-numbers correspondence, will be taught in German, while other concepts must be taught in English such as counting to 100 by ones and tens. 

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Business Review

"We are very happy with the preschool/Kinderschule. Our kiddo attends full time 5 days/week. The staff are always open to feedback. The staff get the kids outside often, provide a Montessori-like experience, and genuinely care about your children and family." (Emily M.)