The Music Playhouse of Chicago

Various LocationsChicago, IL 60657
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Come experience our fun-filled classes of singing, dancing, movement, games, and instrument play! The Music Playhouse of Chicago is a small mom-owned business offering super fun and interactive early childhood music education classes to families with children ages 0-5. We truly believe that VARIETY, REPETITION, and FUN are the keys to learning! Our primary goal is to help children develop Independent Music Accuracy: the ability to sing in tune and keep a steady beat, and to instill a lifelong love and understanding of music. Parents and caregivers will also learn the best tools and techniques for interacting musically with their children at home.

We are a mobile business partnering with various small business on the North Side of Chicago to host our classes. We enjoy exclusive rights to the play-based, research-based, and award winning Music Pups® curriculum designed by The Music Class, Inc.

Join us for energetic and engaging singing, dancing, instrument play, learning and fun!

Business Review

"My baby loves The Music Playhouse! The teachers are so kind and engaging! Every class is different, and every session has different music, unlike other early childhood music classes we have looked at. We love singing the music at home, and listening to the CD in the car. The music is complex enough to be interesting for adults as well as children, and exposes young children to music styles often neglected in our culture. I write this review as a mom and a professional musician--I'm impressed and will keep coming back to The Music Playhouse for more sessions!" -Jennifer M. 

"We have been enrolled in classes at the Music Playhouse for two years. At the time, I didn't see how a 5 month old would benefit from a music class (we signed up with new friends from a moms group, more so as an excuse to see each other), but I was quickly proved wrong. My son is so happy and confident and I attribute a lot of his outgoing personality to what he has learned in the semester based music courses. At the start of each semester, you're given a app access to the 30 or songs you'll be learning. The repetition aids in learning the music, and each semester and class follows the same rhythm which also helps little people thrive.  I never thought that I'd be that mom playing children's music in the car 100% of the time, but here we are, jamming away to the same songs we learn in class (btw - it's not The Wheels on the Bus -- the songs are creative and catchy. My husband said he thought we should be in a NY speakeasy during one jazzy number). I can't recommend The Music Playhouse enough!" -Mari F.

"We have always loved taking our kids to music class at the Music Playhouse.  We have been impressed by the talent, energy, and kindness of all the teachers we have met there.  The love of music these classes inspire is invaluable." -Tara L. 

"I highly recommend Music Playhouse for music class with your little ones! We started class here when my daughter was around 9 months and it really helped her to open up and socialize. Her face would light up every time we walked through the doors and she would smile from ear to ear through the whole class. We've gone through three sessions with them and she still remembers the songs and movements from session one. All of the teachers have been kind and welcoming and I could not recommend them enough!" -Audrey H.