Lickity Split

6056 N. Broadway Ave.Chicago, IL 60660
Phone: 773.274.0830
Business Hours: Noon – 10pmWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

At Lickity Split Frozen Custard and Sweets, we believe everyday is a candy day, frozen custard day, pastry day, and that everything tastes better with a bottle of retro soda!

Located in the eclectic neighborhood of Edgewater on the corner of Glenlake and Broadway, we’re your local frozen custard and sweet shop. Walk over and step back to a simpler time, where your biggest worry is whether or not you can eat your ice cream cone before it melts.

Treat yourself to an assortment of gourmet chocolate or build new memories with our large assortment of retro candy! We even have a full espresso bar featuring Chicago’s own Metropolis Coffee!

Stop by Lickity Split to treat your senses, indulge your sweet tooth, and support local businesses. Not only do we create the richest, smoothest, tastiest frozen treats around, we partner with other local businesses to treat our customers to delicious pastries, sweetest candy and richest coffee. Each of our partners is carefully selected and each of their products taste tested to ensure your satisfaction (and because they’re simply too tasty to resist)!