Annie Jr - Musical Theatre Summer Camp

2936 N Southport Ave.Chicago, IL 60657
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Learn the entire musical Annie Jr! The week of June 17th - June 21st from 9am - 3pm at the historic Athenaeum Theatre. Children ages 5 - 14 will audition, receive their script, and be cast in Annie Jr on the first day of camp. The actors will create the costume, set, and lighting design for the production. A performance of Annie Jr will take place on Friday, June 21st in studio.

Business Review

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Corella Productions! When my daughter first started Corella Productions Children’s Theatre Academy, she was a quiet and shy 8 year old girl. Through the years, she has come out of her shell. She has developed confidence both on stage and off! The program has allowed her to make friends with like interests in all different schools. The program, opportunities, mentorship and friends have all made an impact on who she is today. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Corella Productions gives kids of all ages more than just an extracurricular activity— it gives them their very own theater family and makes their confidence soar higher and higher with every rehearsal and show. My son started with Corella Productions at 3 years of age and has been in all the shows since then. He was super shy at first, but the older kids in theater mentored him and helped him come out of his shell. Now, he counts the days to his next rehearsal and gives so many hugs when he shows up to rehearsal. My other 2 children have since joined Corella Productions and I have watched them all grow through theater. Every kid who is in the show plays an essential role, and most importantly, they have fun. If I had to choose one program the put my children in, this would be it— no question!

As a parent of a child who is currently working on their second production with Corella Productions Children's Theater company, I couldn't be more impressed with the experience. Patty Corella and her team have been incredibly supportive and nurturing, helping my child build confidence and develop their acting skills. The productions are top-notch, with attention to detail in costumes, sets, and overall execution. It was heartwarming to see my child shine on stage and be part of such a talented and inclusive group of young performers. Corella Productions truly fosters a love for the arts and provides a safe and encouraging environment for children to explore their creativity. I am grateful for the positive impact it has had on my child and look forward to more wonderful productions in the future.