Little Giggles Speech Therapy

Little Giggles group language enrichment classes are designed to enhance children’s communication skills and provide caregivers with effective strategies to support their child’s growth. Classes provide an engaging environment where children learn through themed play, literacy, music, and sensory/motor activities. After each class, families receive take-home materials to reference later and share with additional caregivers. Classes are instructed by Meredith, a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and mom of two little ones. Through a combination of structured activities, play-based learning, and parental involvement, Meredith aims to lay a strong foundation for lifelong communication success.

"Early Expressions - Infants" focuses on your baby’s first gestures and sign language. Through play, reading, and music, you and your baby will learn three core signs per week. Themes include play, mealtime, safety & hygiene, and loved ones. This four-week series is currently enrolling for Mondays at 11:00am beginning April 29 at Harmony Learning Center. Suggested for ages 3-12 months.

"Early Expressions - Toddlers" focuses on developing your toddler’s first spoken words and sentences. You’ll learn how best to elicit communication to reduce frustration and enhance your bond. This class is offered as a series or drop-in. Suggested for ages 1-3 years. Stay tuned for session details!

All ages (siblings welcome!) are invited to play and learn together at Southport Fundamentals the first three Saturdays in May from 9:00-9:45am. $25/family. 

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Business Review

"I attended Baby Sign with my 7 month old. Meredith’s approach to teaching is warm and inviting! My daughter was engaged throughout the class and Meredith offered practical tips and ways to practice signs throughout the week. Highly recommend this class!"

"We attended just one of Meredith's classes at Little Giggles Speech Therapy, yet the impact has been as if we'd attended ten. During class, Meredith made it easy for me as the caregiver to learn and recall tools to help my daughter's speech continue to grow. And my daughter enjoyed what felt like play, with the added bonus of learning new songs and skills. We came away singing so much more at home, and confidently adjusting our communication in small ways that have a big impact on my daughter's use of language. We're eager to return to class and would recommend it without hesitation!"

"We attended Little Giggles Sign Language class and loved the interactive aspects of learning a new sign and then using it in practice with the play bin! Also liked having a handout to take home so we could practice and songs that we could use to practice, as well."

"The small group allowed us to get to know the other babies and moms really well. I loved that the babies could play with toys related to the signs we were learning that week, I liked singing and reading books along with signing. I feel like I gained new mom friends while learning some tools for communicating with my baby."