Shredder Chicago North Side Indoor Ski and Snowboard School

3800 N Milwaukee Ave.Chicago, IL 60631
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Welcome to Shredder Chicago North Side Indoor Ski and Snowboard School, where we bring the joy of snow sports indoors for families to enjoy year-round. Founded by a family passionate about skiing and snowboarding, Shredder offers a unique indoor ski and snowboard experience in Chicago. 

At Shredder, we understand the challenges parents face when introducing their children to skiing and snowboarding. That's why we've created a welcoming environment where kids of all ages can develop their skills in a comfortable, social, and safe setting. Our qualified instructors prioritize safety while teaching age-appropriate fundamentals and techniques, ensuring that everyone has fun on our dry indoor ski slopes. 

Our mission is to develop confident and knowledgeable skiers and snowboarders in a fun and safe environment. We strive to break the mold and redefine the way snow sports are taught, making them accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for all. Safety is our number one priority, followed closely by ensuring that every student leaves with a smile on their face. Our curriculum, based on industry-leading principles, focuses on skill progression, confidence building, and lifelong enjoyment of snow sports. 

At Shredder, we believe in equality and inclusivity. We provide a safe space for learning, regardless of gender identity, race, age, ability, or background. Our goal is to create the most inclusive learning environment possible for both our staff and students. Whether you're a seasoned skier or snowboarder, or just starting out, join us and discover the thrill of skiing and snowboarding in a whole new way.

Ski & Snowboard Lesson Programs for All Ages: 

1. Yeti School (Ages 1-3): 

  • Parent-child classes introducing snowboarding and ski lessons. 
  • Three stations: Ski lessons, snowboard lessons, and kiddie "dry land training." 
  • Focus on balance, strength training, coordination, and fun in a safe environment.

2. Little Shredders (Ages 3-5): 

  • Indoor ski classes designed to teach fundamentals. 
  • Encourages consistent practice to strengthen skills and maintain interest. 
  • Builds confidence and skill progression year-round.

3. Ski School & Snowboard School (Ages 5-10): 

  • Professionally developed curriculum focusing on technical aspects. 
  • Emphasis on advanced skills, mountain safety, chairlift simulation, and athletic development. 
  • Comprehensive indoor ski and snowboarding classes aiming to be among the best in Colorado.

All our courses meet once a week for forty minutes with courses ranging from ten weeks to 5 weeks throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring. In Summer we offer camps. 

To learn more and register for a course, visit our website: