Swim Learn Play

FFC Lakeview East3657 N Pine Grove Ave.Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: 312-725-9050Email: swimlearnplay@gmail.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Swim Learn Play is an aquatic speech therapy company that takes therapy outside of the clinic. Our children get direct 1 on 1 speech therapy services and basic water safety skills in an aquatic setting. We know that when children's sensory needs are met, their communication can thrive, and that's exactly what the water can do. With our passion for working with children with special needs on communication skills along with our background in water activities/sports, we had the idea to combine this expertise in a way that would provide maximal benefits to our clients by addressing two major areas for growth at once.

Service Delivery Model:
We utilize multiple approaches that include but not limited to, Total Communication Language approach, Strengths-Based Approach, Child-led Therapy, and Play-based Therapy.

FFC Lakeview East Facility
Holiday Inn at Countryside
Crestwood Recreation and Wellness Center

1 hour a week of direct 1 on 1 speech/language services

$150 per session (6 weeks)
$120 per session (12+ weeks)

Ages 2-16 for direct therapy
Ages 16+ for social group opportunities

Business Review

"Ms. Meg and Ms. Bre brought harmony and balance back into Jack’s world by merging their skilled speech therapy with their expertise of aquatics. For parents and caregivers considering speech and aqua therapy for their child, know that you’re in the right hands with Ms. Bre and Ms. Meg!” -Margie P. 

"This is a great program for children with needs. It creates a feeling of independence and self-worth that kids need throughout their life. Children with autism need this program to give them safety around water and comfort in the water. This is the best kids can have and should be mandatory for needs in schools." -Patrice and David B. 

"We are beyond satisfied and incredibly grateful. Jack was previously in swim lessons from 6 months old to almost 2 years old. Once we learned of his diagnosis we took a break while I searched for very specific swim lessons to fit his needs due to him being nonverbal and it was a struggle to get him to move up in his skill level for the generic program. With no luck in finding the niche swim lesson I dreamed about, we gave up searching. When S.L.P came to fruition, I had literal tears of joy. My prayers were answered with how much we needed this in our lives. Jack has no hobbies other than being a fish, and swimming. We hope one day to have him compete in the Special Olympics and having a lake house swim safety is a major priority for us. With all of that said, our experience has been nothing short of wonderful. In just weeks we’ve seen so much progress in not only his swim skills but safety awareness and even his communication! The fact he can use his AAC device or pecs is an amazing addition to lessons. So much confidence is seen in our little guy. Thank you! We feel so lucky and blessed to have access to such kind and intelligent and talented ladies. Welcome to our family Bre & Megan." -John and Amanda J