Vibe Tribe Socials

We are DeAnna and Carmen, owners of Vibe Tribe Socials. We have spent most of our lives working corporate jobs by day while moonlighting as event planners, day of coordinators, event and floral designers and the list goes on and on. Combined we have over 30 years of experience!  We used to live across the street from one another when we were kids and now we’re best friends in business together, it doesn’t get any better than that.

DeAnna has been planning, designing and executing weddings + other events for over 20 years. She is very experienced and brings so much to the VTS table. Balloons, florals & tablescapes are the areas where she thrives! De has many super powers! She’s a full time mom, wife, corporate banker (hopefully not for long) and overall event design and decor badass. Her life is constantly changing, growing and evolving.  Administrative Organization is key for our business and, luckily for VTS, DeAnna lives for spreadsheets and to do lists. Having that creative outlet, though, that is her sweetspot in life.  

Enter Carmen, the Creator & DIY Specialist! Carmen’s mind is in constant creative bloom. She has designed and executed all sorts of events over the years. In 2017, she quit her corporate gig, took a leap of faith and launched Baked by Inez, a cakery. She bakes and designs cakes, pastries, pies and more. She loves being creative and providing a service to people that evokes happiness! In Tandem with her baking business, she is now co-owner of VTS. Her main super power: Equipped with a sewing machine and a miter saw, she can build [or attempt to build] anything! She drives DeAnna crazy because she does everything possible to avoid pressing “buy now” in De’s ever growing online shopping carts! 

Business Review

"Vibe Tribe Socials volunteered their time to help us with the 2024 Prom 4 Moms. They went above and beyond every step of the way. They are amazing and can do anything and everything to make any event a successful one." - Debra F. Macaroni KID Chicago Northside

"From beginning to end, not a single detail goes unnoticed. Starting with the creative, planning process through the execution, the level of thought, care and diligence that goes into their events is simply unmatched. The team at Vibe Tribe Socials is simply top notch and not only do they take the stress out of event planning but they also make it enjoyable. This duo of professional women truly has great synergy and it shines through in all their events. They are passionate, highly creative and simply fun to work with." - Elani L.

"I hired Vibe Tribe Socials and received unimaginable service for my event. More importantly, they delivered more than my expectations with art and precision. Punctuality, fabulous decor, exceptional communication and assurance of quality. Event planners and creators unmatched!" - Tommie H.

"VTS is an excellent asset to your party planning needs. From ideas that you may have or letting them take on full creativity, the outcome is beautiful and well coordinated. Carmen has been making delicious goodies, as an added bonus, for my little one’s birthday’s for the last seven years! I cannot wait to plan the next party with VTS. You will never regret engaging their services." - A Very Happy Admirer and Customer of VTS - Del

"VTS out did themselves when they helped plan and decorate for my baby shower. My baby shower was actually a surprise my sister wanted to throw for me, and she reached out to VTS…my baby shower was perfect in every way possible. Even with uncertainty of the weather, VTS had back up plans just in case. In addition, I loved the decorations so much, I wanted to use some during my maternity shoot and VTS made that happen! Having them let you rent out props/decorations was perfect and just what I needed to help make my maternity shoot that much more special. These women are beyond amazing. Very professional, exceptional attention to detail, and really know how to bring your vision to life. I can’t wait to plan more events with them." - Annie